Basic Themes


We have as humanity come to the point where we have free energy. What should we do with it? In some ways all this placing emphasis on secondary matters has helped the development of technology, connected us more and even encouraged development in different regions of the world. Would that have happened if there had not been such an emphasis on the secondary? If there had not been such search for greed and power? Perhaps not, but now the references for people with free energy is not that clear. The normal references like politics, the institutions, the religions are not that clear and even the dream of the “good life” is by no means that certain. Then perhaps there is room for placing the emphasis on the primary.

The most amazing thing is that all that people have to do is to realize that the solution for all this search for security and happiness is not that far away, it is right here, inside each and everyone. They don´t have to go to a shopping mall or travel great distances. They just have to know how to master their own “machinery” and then do a thing or two for others.


They are not going to lose anything by honestly asking themselves what do they really want to do with their lives. If the answer is to be happy, content, at peace, full of strength etc. or not to suffer, then the next question is just a question of procedure, of how they are going to go about that. By observing their own lives and those of others they will certainly see both what works and what does not. Finally, what are they willing to do in order to bring about what they really want. Are they just willing to do a little bit? Well, then their results will be very small. Final question is, do they see that as need or a fleeting desire, something that would be nice but they are not willing to put a lot of effort into making it happen.

Feeling different

Then there is the spiritual realm, a whole other story. Not so existential, not so concrete as the previous one, but perhaps even more powerful. The question here is to ask whether they have at one point or the other felt something very different, seen reality in a new way, sensed something different and powerful, kind and wise? Those special moments of one’s life that one would really like to have occur more often. So the question is if they really want that to be more frequent and if they are willing to work for that. They must of course realize or at least suspect that what happened once or twice did so inside of them so it is something that they could repeat if they would know how to do that.

Meaning of life

Some would like to have meaning in their lives, be able to channel all their energy into something. To feel coherent, focused, etc.
Some would of course like to fix certain concrete things like relations, money and their image of themselves. Problems that are always related to contradictions, compulsions, desires etc and of course lack of faith. Easy to connect that with meaning. Maybe more difficult than the others because of people being very much in their peripheries with the belief that the solutions are to be found in different compensations. And we have those that simply want to function better overall, also easy to connect with our things.

Finally, there are those that really want to get rid of fears, but not many of those want to get rid of the fear of death.

Why it is so important not to suffer

Of course we don’t like to suffer just like we don’t like pain. Getting rid of pain is always a priority. Not so with suffering.

We act very differently with pain and suffering. We try to get rid of pain efficiently, most of the time, but we seem to go rather inefficiently about getting rid of suffering. Perhaps because we don´t want to let go of some pleasures, or some possessions, and definitely not our I.

Perhaps it is necessary at this point in history that we finally let go of the belief that suffering has any merits. Or that it is unavoidable. Or that it can be resolved through discussions or compensations.

When someone suffers what they should do is simply to let go of that sensation by going further inside until they get to their center. Using the register of suffering as a „trigger“ so as to just let go and feel connected, to the other dimension, to the path of meaning, to that path which comes from the future where we are already immortal. That puts „the cause“ of suffering in a different perspective, taking it and the suffering away from being central in our space, blinding us as it has, hypnotizing us, making us belief it is real.

Of course suffering will not disappear for good until the path is completely clear, but being aware of the path helps in most circumstances.

Regarding death most people don’t like to think about it at all. When it happens to someone close to them, their real view of it becomes clear. It would be extremely interesting, to say the least, if death would be seen and felt not as something that produces suffering but rather as a celebration of someone’s life and a gratitude for them being in another wonderful dimension. True, for that to happen perchance it would be necessary to really have that view, feel it, on the basis of experience. Perhaps it is time for us to do so. As individuals and as a species.