A unique and wonderful opportunty

BooksWe are sharing this note with you because we think that you can be instrumental in bringing positive changes in your country.

You as so many others are aware that we need drastic changes in our world. Although interesting, political changes or good intentions will not get rid of violence, discrimination or injustice. We have to eliminate the root of all of this, which is fear and that resides within each one of us. We also need increased human communication where we treat others as humans and feel solidarity with them.

On the personal level, we know that people have a sense of increased insecurity. They lack clear references and their future is rather bleak at best. So, we need to do something so that people will feel better in their personal lives.

Is it possible to bring about these urgent social and personal changes? Yes, absolutely! But first of all we must see the need to do something different from what is already being done today. Then we have to know how to bring these changes about, as well as wanting to do it, having a strong, deep intention of doing so as well as being confident that it is possible. And of course have a methodology, some tools in order to build a better society. We need some method that will help people realize their most profound goals of living a life without fear, a meaningful life, where people are peaceful and strong at the same time, enjoying their existence, having faith in themselves, others and the future. (See: A short description of the process, the 6 steps, the Program of Retreat 1).

Friends of Life through the program, “Open Future” know how to bring this change about. This program is already in motion in several countries and the idea is that it will spread to every corner of this planet in the coming years.

In every country the procedure for the initial steps are always the same: Contact is made with those that are likely to bring these changes about.  How do they do this?  Take a look at the link “I’m ready for action now”

When this retreat with 100 people is all set and organized we will make sure that someone will come and give the retreat.

If you would like this process to occur soon in your country all you have to do is to make sure that the initial steps are taken in order for that to happen. That you can do either by becoming the initiator of this process in your country, that is, you identify with the profile, you feel that it fits you and where you are at in your life, or you tell others about this possibility, people that you think will gladly take on that responsibility.

Once you have looked at these materials then let us know via email what you intend to do.

We are confident that you will either take on this responsibility yourself or make sure that someone in your country does so, because doing nothing, will only result in things being the same as they are today. And since we are sure that you as well as I harbor the hope of a real human world we are sure that you will not let this opportunity go by without acting on it.