Main Objective

The process realized by the Friends of Life – A brief description.

Main objectives of the process.

To “open” completely the future. To have a clear and strong direction in life in addition to having a deep, permanent faith.
To work in the direction of leaving suffering once and for all behind us. Instead, to live a life without fears.

How does this happen?

This process is built on the basis of experiences, not only ideas about them. The aim is to have concrete experiences of absolute certainty regarding a future that has no limits.

What is the configuration of this process?

This is a process that consists of 6 retreats and it is recommended that the participants meet on a regular weekly basis in between the retreats in order to exchange experiences and to help each other to master the indicators discussed and experimented in the retreats. The first retreat is 5 hours, the next two retreats are of a one day duration both of them. After that, all retreats are two and a half days long and they are usually held in a quiet place, outside the cities.

What this process is not:

This is not a therapy, nor is it a religion or a social organization. And it is not a business, in fact, the orienteers never receive financial compensation for their work.

What are the requirements for someone to participate in the process?

For retreat 1:
First of all, that they know what this process is all about, which appears in the book “What really matters” in particular in Chapter 6, “Is this really possible”
Also to be familiar with the Programme of retreat 1.

For the following retreats:
That they have gone through all prior retreats and that they have knowledge of and minimal mastery over the requirements in each one of them. Also, that they have read the books that accompany each retreat.
That they share their knowledge and experiences with others that are interested in these matters.

All costs of the retreats (venue, food, transportation, etc.) are shared equally among the participants.

For whom is this process?

In reality, for everyone, without exception, since we all want to function well.