Open Future

For most of us it’s clear that the world situation is not how we want it to be. Despite our enhanced living conditions, better and higher education, violence is still an integral part of our life. We are also seeing the world’s financial system on a verge of a collapse, real democracy receding by misuse of power and people’s lack of trust in it.

Our Personal life

People’s personal life is not what they want it to be and they; correctly so, feel that money has the highest value in societies instead of the human being. We know that many of the methods and means used today to remove violence from our life are not leading to desired results. There is a call for drastic revolutionary change, without destruction, where the human is given the highest value. There is a need for increased solidarity and change in our mindset to initiate different counter measures.

Friends of life

Friends of Life is a group of people who are actively working on this becoming a reality with a program called “Open Future”. The major objective is to share their experiences and knowledge with others by making a small, but necessary, contribution to making our world become a little more like what we want it to be.

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