You and the World

What is your contribution?

We all want to contribute to making the world a better place, each and every one of us in a different way, most of the time in an unstructured way. We use money for example as an instrument, we use words or we help directly by participating in humanitarian work.

Perhaps that is not enough because we are living in very dangereous times. So, more concentrated effort is needed.

Saving the 21st Century

During the millenniums our life has been controlled by fear and it’s heavily used to drive and control societies. Fear is a strong force, the fear of disappearing being one of the strongest one. It chains and ties our own capability to thrive and develop our human value and prevents us from being able to see the future as something exciting and completely open.

Ending the violence

There is no way to end violence or discrimination unless we go to the root of it, the root being fear. We need to change our priorities, get rid of fear and from that build stronger societies where the human is the highest value. Is that possible? Fear has been there all the time so how do we get rid of it! Well, it is actually remarkable how simple it is.

The program “Open future”

The program is a process to help people to open their future by eliminating non-instinctual fear, have a clear purpose in life and live life without fear. The program is based on experience, not only theories, and its remarkable how complex things simply go away or become simple to solve!

How can this be achieved?

The program is described separately in more detail. In very short, it’s based on human development along with instructor- led training. When 100’s of friends have lost their fear they will share their experience through training of others within their own society and then in other countries. Eventually this program will expand all over the world. It’s not just a theoretical project; it is a concrete program that has already been tested in large societies.

What is your benefit?

A change like this will eventually happen, in coming centuries or millenniums, no one actually knows. Isn’t it worth giving a different approach a try and possibly see another drastic change in human quality of life, happen during your own lifetime? A life without violence.