The Process

Get Involved

Perhaps you, like so many others, really feel the need for what we are doing. That is, you want this world to be quite different from what it is now and you realize that for that to happen there has to be a massive change of heart and minds.

You may also say, what these guys are proposing and what they are already doing makes sense. You might even want to partake in some way or the other in this beautiful project.
But you might also think, what difference does it make if I support this in one way or the other? But you are not an insignificant number! Within you like within all of us there resides something powerful and grand that when it expresses itself it can produce wonders beyond our wildest dreams and deepest desires. Something we could rightfully call, the human.

If the “Open Future” process were in your country you could then of course participate directly. And the project will be in your country sooner than you think. Until then you can participate by helping the project spread to the rest of the world in the next years.

You can also contact the people that are putting this into practice already in different countries. You can also just read the books (from Amazon or Lulu).

Finally, your comprehension of the importance of this project and your joy over the possibility of making this world what you always yearned for it to be, will not only spread in your immediate environment but also, in some mysterious way, will increase the power of what we are doing. For that invaluable contribution, we thank you.

If you would like to start the Process in your environment, your country, region, city or social organization then take a look at this.

What is the process?

To achieve our primary goal of losing all fear that can happen by going through the process “Open Future” which has several steps, six of them to be precise. Each one of them is characterized by certain themes that are treated in six retreats with the support of 8 books that are the support material for the whole process.

Step 1: Realizing that there is a path that can get us out of the grips of fear and violence and how to get on that path. (The book “What really matters”). Also, that in order to be able to stay focused on that path one needs a “deep intention” to do so (The book “Moving on”). Finally, one needs to be able to see the path clearly and not run after all kinds of beliefs and illusions as well as having enough strength to move forward. That strength comes from our deep faith that is described in the book “Really?”.

Step 2: Once one has arrived at a limit and sensed that there is something else in life than our normal daily existence, one asks: How can I speak with what does not speak, how can I touch the untouchable? Obviously, I need to have a different disposition, a different attitude from my normal one. (The book “Touching the untouchable”).

Step 3: To be able to go beyond the limit one probably has to find ways in which to be in a different space from our normal one and also in another time. (The book “Breaking the bonds of time and space”).

Step 4: By now we know we have to get rid of a few things before we connect with an open, endless future. Like, get rid of contradictions, compulsions and our normal possessive, all- controlling attitude. We would also like to know how to be in a “special” place where we have significant, transforming experiences as well as knowing what really has been guiding us all our life. We would also want to know exactly what means, what methods we will use in order to be able to fully let go and lose all fear. (The book “Getting ready for the take-off”).

Step 5: Here we should be good and ready for having that unique transforming experience after which our future is completely open and all irrational and unnecessary fear is gone. (The book “The transformation”).

Step 6: After that experience we may want to launch some fundamental questions about life and existence in general as well as finding increasingly more effective ways for each one of us to be able to really feel that we are all part of this wonderful body called humanity. (The book “Flying in unchartered zones”)